The Bird Cage Theater Tombstone AZ

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The Bird cage Theatre
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Tombstone AZ  Ghost Tour Information

Visitors and Employees of
The Bird Cage Theater have reported seeing the spirits of former Prostitutes and Men in Cowboy Hats. Some claim to have been touched and pushed by unseen forces.
At night, the sounds of laughter, yelling and music have been heard, as though the parties of "The Old West" were still raging...

GHOST TOURS: The tours start at 6:15 PM - Tickets are available daily at The Bird Cage Theater, In the town of Tombstone, AZ. Bring your Camera and a sense of adventure, to the most Infamous Saloon in
"The Town that Never Dies.

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Tombstone AZ The Bird Cage Theater Black Moriah

The Black Moriah
carried all but six of the Tombstone AZ residents to Boothill Graveyard.
The Hearse is trimmed in 24k Gold and Sterling Silver and was the first vehicle with curved glass. This is only one of the eight made and can be seen on display in The Bird Cage Theater. 

It was said that the Black Moriah had  "A Cowboy For Breakfast Everyday." The Black Moriah is Valued by the Ford Museum at over Two Million Dollars, It ran from 1881 to 1917. 

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Tombstone AZ The Bird Cage Theater Polyphon

The Bird Cage Theater Polyphon
on display, uses a large,long running spring motor that is coin-operated.
A Silver Dollar was used to play a Single
Revolution of the disc.

The music is produced by a Double Comb melody and Piccolo section, mounted on a short bedplate, directly attached to the massive sound board. The sound performance is Loud, Rich and Resonant. The Walnut cabinet is in its original finish and shows some nicks and bumps from its earlier days of use in The Bird Cage Theatre.

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Tombstone AZ The Bird Cage Theater Poker Table

The West's longest Poker Game,
Lasting 8 years, 5 months and
3 days, It Ran Non-Stop, 24 hours a day,7 days a week. The minimum Buy In was $1,000 to get into the game.

Tombstone AZ  The Bird Cage Theater Belly Up Bar

The Original "Belly Up Bar"
that was Hand Made out of Cherry Wood, in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and then shipped all the way around the Horn of South  America

on the "Star of India" and dropped off in Guaymas, Mexico, Where there was a Wagon Train waiting, then it Continued the journey to Tombstone Arizona, for the Grand Opening of "The Bird Cage Theater" on December 26th 1881.The Bird Cage Theater Belly Up Bar is a Tombstone "Must See" Item.

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